Daniel Byrne

Who is Daniel?

I am a game designer and developer based in Brisbane, Australia. I graduated from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Game Design at the end of 2014. Throughout my final year of the course I worked in a team of six on my major project, Groove, which went on to win the Best Audio and Best Technical Achievement awards as well as being nominated for Best Art and Best Game Design at the university showcase.

Games have played a large and important role in my life. I have always enjoyed immersing myself in game worlds such as Bastion, Pokémon, Bioshock, and many more, but I find the most enjoyment from local multiplayer. Whether the games are competitive or cooperative, electronic or physical, or somewhere right in the middle, sharing the game with friends creates an experience unlike anything else.

I am now hard at work on an indie project while searching for fulltime employment in the games industry.

What's he made?

Most of my work in games has come from my time at university. Due to the course syllabus I've had several opportunities to create prototype games, though few opportunities to develop them into full games. These projects were made in several development programs including Processing, Flash, and Unity. Having now graduated I intend to revisit a few of my projects with some more time and skill, taking them from student works to fully functioning games.

Outside of these projects I have also created seven small brain training games for Myndlyte's Cranium Corner project. These were made as part of an internship between July 2014 and January 2015 with Myndlyte and were created using Construct 2, which allowed for fast prototyping and easy integration into the existing framework.

On top of game development I have also learned some other skills involving programming. I spent time working with Xcode and Breve during uni. I have also started to learn HTML and CSS for web development, which I used to code up this very website from scratch!

My siblings and me playing Groove at the Griffith University showcase.